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Yozxzx people! Finally finally i'm back to blog. Well, because i need time to adjust my feeling after collecting my Olevel result. I don't feel like blogging at the point of time ever since i got back results. Anyway, is already over (:

Back to 12 jan, that's the day i got my results.
Met girlfriends at CU for lunch, then slowly the guys came as well.
Then we went back to school about 1pm? Some of them can't go in because of coloured hair.
Keep finding colour sprays, and finally we got it. So we went back school again and waited for the girls to get their hair sprayed.
Was super nervous on that day. Didn't get back my results on that day cause some things happened.
Get to look at my results before i went to find Love. Super sad after i calculate all the points.
I even cried after i reached Love's house, super bad!
But after that Donna called me and say is not like that, i feel much relieved! Lols.
So cab home about 8plus i think? Washed up and had some rest.

On the 13 jan, mum acc me to school to get back results. Finally i get it, &i didn't did as bad as i think, phew~ :D
Acc Mum to eat breakfast and i went home alone.
So after that day, i've been busy with work and posting of schools stuff.
Is quite devastating though, because of my results i dun have much choices )):
But nevertheless, i'll try my very best to grab hold any chance, wish me luck for me people!

I choose to blog now because i finally adjust back my feelings, feeling much better already.
Okay, let me update what i've been doing recently. Well, work, play and church. hah.
Went to work yesterday, long hours man! The sales quite good though (:
Hopefully i can get another job soon! My mum and dad keep nagging at me about my current job, is like on and off?
Well, i dun really like it too, cause i know i dun earn much. &i dun like the feeling of staying at home the whole day, &&i'm in need of money luh!
No money i cannot go out buy stuffs i want. Lols! Shall find another more stable job soon.

As for today, stayed at home the whole day. Watched online drama and blah blah..
Since i've nothing to do so i came here and blog. Lols~
Finally i finished my new storybook, New moon like about 1 and half day?
Gonna get the 3rd book soon! HAHA! is super duper nice can! Ever since i watched the first Twilight movie, i'm so attracted to it. (ohmy, i sound so exaggerating, tsk! )
Pictures of me before i end, Tsktsk! Till here then. Byebye! xoxo



Lables: I'm back! :D
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Another day again (: Alright, shall make a quick post (:
Went to NYP open house with Janet yesterday. Was a last min want. Lols~
So dad drove me down to Yew tee mrt station and i went down to Yio Chu Kang via mrt.
Well, didn't expect the distance is quite short. Lols. So met janet there. Walked around and went to mac to find Davis.
So nice of him to acc us. Lols! Then went down to see the Campus superstar thingy.
Omg, Felica Chin is so so so pretty! She's much more pretty in real life. HAHA!
&they were super funny, took a few shots of them (;



&Ponsak is getting bigger in size. Which is good because he used to be quite small in size the last time i seen him. Tsktsk!
So we off about 2plus. But we were quite late for service.
Service was great. Ended about 5plus, went off about 6plus.
Went down to bugis to find Love and gor. Walk around and decided to have our dinner at BK.
Super hungry man! Lols, after that wanted to catch bus back to je but we just can't find which bus stop.
On the way saw Winnie. Lols! So chatted then off to find the bus stops.
Gave up finding decided to train back home. Intend to meet Mum at Tiong, but forgot to call her so met her at je instead.
Had some tiff with Love, which make both us kinda pissed off. Sighs~
Then home sweet home at dun know what time already. Lols!

Then went online and watched a new taiwan drama, 败犬女王 (:
Main lead was 阮经天 and 杨谨华. Ahhhh~ 阮经天 is so so so shuai. Lols!
杨谨华 is quite pretty too (: So watched till 1am then off to sleep (:

As for today, dad drove me to work. Well, is quite okay luh. But is a bit tiring cause have to stand there for 8 hours. haha.
The people there are quite friendly, get to wear their clothes as they say is a must.
So choice quite long then i found one, kinda like it though. Lols.
Ended work about 10plus. Didn't get to it during the 8 hours, cause is kinda busy.
Love and Hao came and find me, how nice of them. Lols! Love bought late dinner for me at mac.
So after eating, home sweet home about 10 plus (:

&TOMORROW IS THE DAY! I so not looking forward man! And i dun wish tomorrow to come. Lols!
Sighs, never mind. Like many of my friends say, what is done is already done. Lols.
Okay, no point saying so much. Cause is already over. Tsktsk!
Anyway, tomorrow get to meet my girlfriends! Yeah~ Super long didn't get to see them already.
Well, Love's still outside. & i want to go shopping! I haven buy any CNY clothes yet leh!
See so many people go shopping and bought so many clothes and stuff make me so jealous of them. Lols!
Okay, enough of craps. Till here then, byebye! xoxo
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Well, 4days didn' get to blog already. But i'm just plain lazy, tsk!
Couldn't remember what i did past few days, but i stayed at home for 2days.
Yes, straight 2 days. Lols! I'm sucha good girl right? Omg, that's sounds so wrong.
Anyway just blogged about yesterday then (:

So yesterday, went to find Love. Reached Love's house about 11plus.
Then slacked and sleep for awhile. Cooked instant noodle as i was hungry.
Slacked again then waited for Love to bath and get prepared. Went out about 3plus.
Went to Son's house first then acc them to alter their jeans. Then had our late lunch at KFC.
Discussed and decided to head down to vivo to catch my movie, Bedtime Stories.
Bought some fingergfood, and next thing you know it that i dropped a half bowl of sharkfin soup.
Idk what's wrong with me on that day, but it just spilled out )):
Whole of my left leg got very sticky. omg, i've to wait till i reached HFC.
Quickly dash to the nearest toilet and wash it off. Feel so much better aftermath.

Then went to the cinema and we saw Darrick. Super long time didn't get to see him already. hah!
So he was with his classmate. Then he came and chatted with us, super funny! :D
Wanted to catch Bedtime stories or Om Bak 2, but both seatings are sucky, so we drop the idea, disappointed though )):
Then we walked around the places, and we ate ice cream at Ben&Jerry. Super yummy! ((:
Walked around again, then Love finally bought himself a pair of school shoes.
Then to the pet station. Awww~ All the hamsters were soooooo cute! :D
To the pool and see the guys play. Played till 9.30 then home sweet home (:

The guys went to met esther. &the funny thing is she went down while she went up. LOLS!
Then bidded goodbye to them and i went home (:
Home sweet home about 11plus. Played com and rest awhile, head to bed about dun know what time. Lols.

Going to church later on. 2 more days to doomsday! Wish me good luck for my O level resutls people! Tsktsk.
Sorry for the wordy post. That's all for today. Byebye! xoxo

I thought 2009 would be a good and brand new year. But guess i was wrong.
I always have a mindset that if i treat those friends around me good, they'll treat me good as well.
I always tried to think the best for them, but in the end what did they do?
Friends (don't mention anyone), they just use their mouth say, but actions speak louder than words.
Yes, friends to me is always important. Cause i believe if you treat your friends good, one day they'll get touched and they'll treat you better.
But again and again, i got myself disappointed. I really wonder why. Really wonder why no matter how a good friend wanted to be good, he/she won't have true friends, while those tend to backstabb or whatever will get their friends stay with them ?
Is not fair at all! Sighs.
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Another day today, woke up about 10. Then bathed and prepare myself down to Love's house.
Slacked and slept for awhile. Then waited for Love to prepare himself and down to jp.
Wanted to eat Sakae but can't find. So settle our lunch at New york New york.
Woot~ Super nice. Tsk! Then bought some finger food, then bus down to Singapore Discovery centre.
Tour around and took pictures. So let pictures do the talking (: Bear with it people, cause due to the lightening so is a bit dark.






So went home about 5plus or 6? Bought some fingerfood for Love then he took bus home and i trained home (:

Tomorrow have to acc Daddy to hospital. Well, hopefully will be a smooth and success want.
Pray for me people! :D I'm still jobless! Anyone can intro me a job? Lols! Super sian at home man! &i'm damm broke. Everytime think about money, so sian.
I feel so bad everytime my mother keep giving me pocket money, )):
I must fulfill one of my 2009 resolutions, which is treat my parents better.

Omg, Olevel results is coming! &is on the 12th. Damm nervous can!
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Another day again, and I'm still jobless. Lols~ My father keep asking to find a job.
Keep scolding me everytime go out play also no work, only know spend money, blahblah...
But never mind, is progressing, just waiting for the person-in-charge to call me.
Sad thing is, SHE DIDN'T REPLY MY TEXT! Oh my, i texted the person 2 times she didn't even reply one. Don't know what the hell she doing man, T.T

Yesterday, stayed at home the whole day, nothing to do.
So decided to watch 'Miss No Good' So funny and touching.
Then met mum at Lot 1. Walk around and bought some clothings for the both of us.
Had dinner at Kopitiam and i introduce mum to eat Pepper Lunch. Super nice luh (:
Then walked around again, bought some other things then went home about 9plus?
Texted with Love on the way home. Then reached home slacked awhile.
Chatted on the phone, and had a heart to heart talk. Yeah, chatted quite a lot.
Teared and got myself tired, so went to sleep first with mum, LOL!

As for today, stayed at home the whole day. Keep watching tv and online shows.

Then bathed all that, prepare for Love to call me as he went JB today.
So waited till 7plus? Then he came my house's nearby coffee shop and ate.
Then sat down and chatted for awhile. Acc Love to wait for the cab to come, then home sweet home. (:

Tomorrow is another day again. Don't know what to do. Lols!
Hopefully i can really get selected and get work soon! If not i'll be damm bored and broke T.T
&Wednesday have to acc Father to go hospital for his eye operation.
Okay, nothing to blog already, till here then. Byebye! xoxo
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3rd day of the new year 2009, indeed a new start of everything.
Been quite busy these few days, so didn't get to blog. Another word, is plain lazy. Tsk!

Friday ; 02/01/09
Intend to go Sentosa with the gideon-nites. But due to some problems, so we cancelled it )):
How sad man! I was getting sooooo excited even i slept super late during the new year.
But never mind, shall have next time then! ^^
Then back to sleep till 10? Wanted to prepare myself, but texted SY ask her if she going back to the office.
Since she going back on the same day as me, so decided to meet her up.
Met her at CQ about 12.30pm. Then walked to office. Catch up a lot! :D
After that train back to raffles to pass some things to our agent. Super hungry man!
Had lunch then walk around, acc her to take the same train. Bidded goodbye to her then train all the way back home.
Bought some things at CCK, then bus back home. Prepare everything then bathed and prepare for thanksgiving.
On the way met Huimin, then walk together to SW's house.

Had a lot of fun. HAHA! Especially the games and thanksgiving. Got a really nice present from sweetheart! xoxo.
Gave XM too, janet and the others as well. Then went back about 11?
Down to je with Munyee. Then home sweet home (:

As for today, prepare myself then cabbed down to Love's house this morining.
Called Mac delivery cause we were feeling super hungry. Then rested awhile till 2plus.
Quickly bus down to church. Almost late though.
Service was good, like what pastor says, these are my goals and i must strengthen it (:
  1. Prayer
  2. Ministry
  3. Evangelism
  4. Fellowship
  5. Dicipleship

Yes, i shall strengthen in these areas. &increase my education, creativity and character!
A lot of events coming up this year. Haha (:
So after service, had dinner at nearby coffee shop? Then all of us went to jp.
In the end i went home first, cause i feel super lethagic, so didn't acc kh and co's.
Reached home about 8plus. And so i'm here to blog.

Waiting for Love to reach home. HAHA! He's busyman today. Lols.
Shall stay at home tomorrow? Didn't have enough time to buy NY clothes yet, but soon!
Shall have a shopping spree with mummy soon. (((:

Okay this post is dedicated to Noobie! :D

Noobie! I saw your post already. Love you too! :D
Yes, i agree what's past is already past. Its 2009! Haha~
I also won't want our friendship to break too. After so many things happened, we're still friends.
This make me treasure the friendship between the 2 of us more.
Now you're going back to Malaysia to study soon, i'll definately miss you, silly girl!
Must miss me too okay? (: If you ever come back to Singapore, remember to give me a call/sms to meet me alright! {:
Of course i'll also remember those happy times we shared. I'll be there whenever you need me.
Most importantly, take care of yourself and wish you all the best for your studies over there!

I'm sorry, i can't get back to the old-good friendship we used to have anymore.
Though is a new year, i've let go everything. I won't pin hope on our friendship.
Friends, just friends will do. I'm glad, this's a new me.

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; Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello everybody! Today is a brand new year, which is 2009!
I've deleted my old posts. Let bygones be bygones. Those memories will stays inside my heart ^^
Okay, shall not be long-winded. Let me update what i did these few days (:

Tuesday ; 30/12/08
Was Hui wen's birthday! Met up with janet at Lakeside then went down to her condo to celebrate her birthday (:
So we ate and played. Played quite a number of games. We're super high on that day. Tsktsk
We just laughed like nobody's business. So shall let the photos do the talking (:








So ended everything till 11plus. Send a little girl called Gladis home, and since she stayed near me too.
After sending her back, walked home alone. HAHA! Reached home about near to 12?
Then played com and slacked till dun know what time and slept (:

Wednesday ; 31/12/08
Woke up early, decided to cab down to Love's house cause i was a little late.
Had a short nap because feel a little tired. Was feeling hungry after that, so we cooked instant noodles (:
Then slacked for awhile, waited for Love to bath and prepare. Bus down to jp.
Super big man! LOL. Didn't really have the mood to walk the whole place cause i'm not really familiar with the place. But soon, tsktsk.
Was feeling super hungry, had our early dinner at BK. Then bought some fingerfood back to Love's house.
Slacked till 8plus i think? Then meet Esther, Son and Hao at the bus stop.
Bus down to je, after much discussion decided to bus down to marina.

Most of the roads are being sealed, so we alighted near the Esplanade then walk all the way to Marina.
Damm packed with people man. LOL! Since is a bit early, decided to play pool.
While the guys playing, me and esther decided to walk around.
Bought Chocolate Frap, as i was super craving. Tsktsk.
Then walk around and chatted. Took photos as well! Okay, some are not with me though >.< PhotobucketPhotobucket

Wanted to find a good spot to have a look of the fireworks. So we searched high and low.
And we found quite a good spot though. HAHA.

These were the 'fireworks' thingy. HAHA! So we waited about another 15min.
Woot! I took a video of the fireworks. Not the full though, how sad ):
Another half is with Esther. HAHA! So maybe she can help to combine the 2 vidoes together.
Shall upload asap (:
So after the fireworks, catch train home. Soooooo many people man!
Reached home about 1plus i guess? Watched dvd with mum till 3plus then off to sleep (:

As for today, as a beginning of a new year, suppose to go sentosa.
But some of my gideon-nites have some problem, so we postpone it );
Never mind, still got other free time ma. Lols!
Nothing to do at home now, so sian.

So what's my New year's resolutins? Here it goes:

  • Able to pass my O level less than 20points?
  • Fulfill my building fund!
  • Be a better person (:
  • Treat my parents better (:
  • Do well for my future studies.
  • Able to get into the poly i want.
  • Have a better friendship, especially my girlfriends and cg members! :D
  • Be a better girlfriend, tsktsk ^^
  • Smooth sailing throughout this year ahead.
  • and so on ..........

    It's good to forget the old past, but some memories will always stays inside my heart (:
    Throughout the 2008, i learned to see things in different perspectives.
    Some good and some bad. But is okay, this year 2009 will be a better one! :D

    Friends out there, all the best for the year ahead alright.
    That's all for the update. Before i go, HAPPY 2009 AND NEW YEAR EVERYONE! XOXO

    Lables: Happy new year, 2009! :D

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